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Use a headset it helps so much with the 3D audio.


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The 3D audio in this game is amazing.  At first I thought I needed the 3D Sony headset but it turns out most headsets work with 3D audio. 


I didn't realize what 3D audio was before this game but basically instead of "Directional audio" that tells you whether the enemy is left, right or behind you, you can actually tell exactly where the enemies are.

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Nice! In Demon's Souls remake the 3D audio was really well controlled, I guess it must be the same!

Also know that yes with any headphones you can have access to 3D audio by connecting it to the controller in jack.

I can’t wait to start it ?


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11 hours ago, Quink666 said:

3D audio is even more impressive in VR.  I still have to get a headset for my PS5 but have no idea which to buy yet.

Can't tell about other headsets, but I know the "PS5" one works great, and fits nicely along the console

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