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It took me a while to figure it out as well. The main problem is that they are so weak that they usually die with one shotgun blast regardless of whether you hit their weak point or not. The method that worked out for me, in the end, was: 

1) Hit the scythe with Alastor when it throws it vertically to stun it(make sure to be far away enough to have time to hit it but close enough to follow up afterwards)

2)Quickly position yourself so that you're directly facing its left side (you'll notice that its mask faces left when it's stunned, make sure to be really close to it)

3)Fire with your shotgun as quickly as possible.


It's pretty finicky and really hard to get it consistently but if you load mission 2 on hard mode you'll find a room with about 9 of them (the garden with the fountain where you eventually fight shadow/death scissors) so the strategy is to get there, attempt until you succeed or if they all die in which case you reload the mission.


I might be a bit late but I hope this helps.


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