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A minor warning

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Make sure to either die or finish the game, never quit out via the menu, or it messes with the things it tracks towards the unlocks.


I was at 3/5 unlocked weapons, I purchased one at the shop, quit via the menu, proceeded to unlock another weapon and quit out again.  When I went to the perks screen it was still at 3/5.  1 further completion got me enough crystals to easily purchase another 2, but technically due to this glitch it is entirely possible (though extremely unlikely) to lock yourself out of the Mad Skillz! trophy.

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Same thing happend to me , But I unlocked 3 weapons and was still at 1/5. The thing is , not every unlock is a "weapon", It can be an item or melee weapon aswell which I dont think count.

Afterward's I unlocked a shot gun looking blade thing and a leaf blower , both counted towards my weapons, with still more to unlock. So I dont think you can get locked out.

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