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(Survey) Analyzing the Influence of Awards on Video Game Success


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Hi everyone,


I'm currently investigating the influence game awards have on the success on videogames for my masters' thesis. Hence, I could use your support.


Just a heads-up in advance, I created a fictious scenario for research purposes. However, it would be great if you could help me out here. I compiled a catalogue of survey questions on a based on a fictious setting, which can be accessed here:


Survey Link


The survey is completely anonymous, and answers cannot be traced back to the respondent. Moreover, all results are solely for research purposes and will help me very much.


Thanks in advance!


Kind Regards!

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For you, I filled it out. 

Usually when you recruit, you should mention the study was approved by the appropriate ethics board (despite this being minimal risk). 

I think the survey would be improved with at least one open-ended question where respondents can give you some qualitative data and insights your basic survey may not be picking up.

Good luck in your analysis and write-up!

Forgive my minor critiques but I have a PhD.

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