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4 hours ago, MidnightDragon said:

On an unrelated note, the signups for the dual fall and winter challenge will open up two weeks from Sunday (August 1). Keep up the good work, everyone!

Sign ups open in 2 weeks?!?!?! I am so far behind on this challenge, I haven't finished a single game yet 😅


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8 minutes ago, Heather342 said:

Sign ups open in 2 weeks?!?!?! I am so far behind on this challenge, I haven't finished a single game yet 1f605.png

Yea, I usually open the first of the last month of the current challenge.


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2 hours ago, L0sT_NZ_Kazekage said:

Another update :)


Finished a blind playthrough of Until Dawn, didn't manage to get many trophies though. I really enjoyed it but the last 2-3 chapters lost me a bit. Should have stuck with the original plot points.


Making slow progress in Demons Souls and starting to get the hang of it. Nearly 20 hours of game time already and only beat like 5 levels so gonna be a long one I think 1f602.png


Might start to play CTR for when I feel Until Dawn and Demons souls are getting to heavy. Think Until Dawn will be the next plat though.


1. Horizon Zero Dawn (100%) :platinum:

2. Demon's Souls (1%) --> (17%)

3. Crash Team Racing (22%)

4. Until Dawn (0%) --> (11%)

5. God of War 1 (100%) :platinum:

6. Astro's Playroom (100%) :platinum:

With Until Dawn, it all depends on how many of the collectables you find so the characters can fully piece together the story on the mountain by the time you reach the end. It's actually pretty good 😊


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7 hours ago, Heather342 said:

Update 7


I've spent this week working solely on The Witcher, and making steady progress. I've finished the main story quests in Velen, and moved on to Novigrad now. Much of this week was spent earning all of the combat trophies, those bandits at the Devil's Pit constantly being farmed for specific kills 1f605.png The headshots with the crossbow were annoying, but I'm glad those are all done and I can focus on the quests and stories. I still have some other misc trophies to get, mainly hunting down all the Gwent cards, but also the fist fights and horse races. My goal is to try and get my first playthrough and the majority of trophies (including the DLC) done by the end of the month, so that when I come to my second playthrough on Death March I can just blast through the story on NG+ with my upgrades carried over. Though this is a big game, not sure how realistic this plan is lol!


Trophy progress

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt - 10 -> 28%

I had the same plan for The Witcher 3. I’ll actually do that Death March run one day. Probably! 😅


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20 minutes ago, Hisuiryu said:

Week 7

Another week, another update - this time a bit more than previously!


Firstly a small amount of progress on Soul Sacrifice - I cleared a couple more of the side-story chapters so there's only one more of them left, though I need to up my life stat before I can start it. I'm also making slow progress on the main story, but I think levelling some more is my best bet right now as being 1-shot by the cyclops kind of hampers my progress! So I'll likely work on some more of the other side missions this week to get some more exp and spells before I continue on. 


Next up, Tropico! I earned the plat this week, most of the remaining miscellaneous stuff was finished off in a normal sandbox, by the time I was done I had an extremely profitable island and an 80% approval rating - it was pretty fun. Then I used a couple of unlimited money quick islands for the US invasion and the faction happiness, in the end I did that one using the method in the guide as I couldn't manage it myself. Online was quick and easy self-boosting, it took around 30 mins to do which is about as long as it took to setup and update the other console to make it possible! I still thoroughly enjoy the game and look forward to the DLC later on


Finally, I started Okami last night. Not too much to say about it yet as I only played about an hour, so far the aesthetic is wonderful (but I knew that already), the story seems interesting and the camera is annoying 1f604.png

  1. Final Fantasy XIII - 100% :platinum:
  2. Mass Effect: Legendary Edition - 0%
  3. Mass Effect 2: Legendary Edition - 0%
  4. Mass Effect 3: Legendary Edition - 0%
  5. Octodad (Vita) - 0%
  6. Okami - 0% → 4%
  7. Soul Sacrifice - 34% → 37%
  8. Tropico 5 - 47% → 77% :platinum:

I love Okami so much, though I had to change the camera controls in the options as the inverted left and right bothered me too 😅

The opening scene is really long, but once you get past it the game is great. The story is so good, and the music is great. Keep an eye out for all the monsters to complete the bestiary, I missed 2 about half way through the game and had to do a second playthrough on NG+ to finish it 👍


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