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Ragnarok Tactics DLC?

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When the first rumours about the PSN store closure were circulating, I decided to go out and buy some DLC for games that I own. For example, I bought DLC that I considered important for Dungeon Travelers 2. When it was officially announced by Sony that the stores were going to close on PS3, PS Vita and PSP, I was perusing through some games on PSN, but noticed all the DLC for Dungeon Travelers were no longer available (I downloaded all the DLC a few days prior, and see them in my Download List).


Anyways, a few days ago I could have sworn there was 1 DLC for Ragnarok Tactics (PSP game), but when I checked today I could only find the game. Perhaps I was hallucinating or maybe I was thinking about another game, but can anyone help let me know whether there was DLC for Ragnarok Tactics, or if it was taken down recently? Thanks in advance. ??

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