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What will I miss if I play this game on easy?

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I played Star Ocean 3 on PS2 when it was released and stopped not far into the game.

When it released on PS4 I tried it again and stopped almost at the same spot. 

Last year I tried it again and got further than the last two times but I still had to stop because the game is just too hard for me.


Am I missing something to make normal mode easier? I'd hate to miss out on the battle trophies (and trophies in general) but I really want to finally play through the game. Am I missing on much content if I just play it on easy?

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I would say maybe check your tactics on normal mode. While Star Ocean can be annoying, it shouldn’t be so bad that you can’t complete it on the default difficulty.


One thing you can do is raise the level of the First Aid skill. At level 10, you often get your HP back when you get hit; it’s invaluable for the higher difficulties.

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