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In case anyone is still having difficulty with the vegan trophy, here is the order of operations I just did to get it along with some notes.


General notes:


-You should have 3 yucca trees on your island (the third is usually clipping into some bushes but all 3 are close to each other.) they respawn their fibrous leaves every 48 hours so definitely utilize them because that is 18 fibrous leaves every 2 days. (Not to mention the young palm trees that spawn every other day.)


-There is 1 edible fruit plant on the island. (I always get Kura so I reference it as such in the list below but others get potato or  Quwawa.) Wild fruit plants do NOT respawn once picked, only farmed ones will, so only pick it right before you put it in the farm


-Eat no more than 2 coconuts at a time to be safe. I recommend saving before eating them in case you eat too much and get diarrhea. If timed properly you can eat 2 in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 2 at night however be mindful of your overall supply. (Honestly I got away with only eating 3 a day.)


-This technique also stacks  the same island for 10 days and no fish for 10 days trophies as well.



Order of operations:


Skip tutorial


Day 1


Make tool

Make refined knife

Make axe

Collect 4 coconuts

Make shelter

Make water still

Make coconut flask

Make Hoe

Make Farm

Plant Kura


Day 2


Collect ALL OTHER coconuts and pile them on ground 

Wait in shaded area

Tend to farm



2 coconuts in morning

2 coconuts at night

Days 3-10


When kura bears fruit (48 hours later), PLANT IT IN NEW FARM


Stick to coconut regimen and wait in shaded areas doing nothing.


When kura farms fruit eat one and plant the other. 



You should now have 3 kura farms, this with coconuts to supplement will get you to 10 days. Use your excess fibrous leaves from your yuccas to fill water still to keep constant supply of water.

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You can also plant Yucca in a farm plot as well. Cool thing about this game is that even if a fruit grows. As long as you keep it watered, another fruit will just grow overlapping it. So you can easily have tons of fruit, but it looks like one. It’s better to not pick it, unless you plan to expand your farm as it will just spoil eventually. 

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It is much easier than it sounds. 

About the daily coconut limit... You can drink OR eat two coconut every 10 minutes in game (or 10 real world seconds). 
So you can get this trophy in a big island with only coconuts and a water still by doing this, without planting fruits or anything.  

Do this: 
Drink 2 coconut, hit triangle, look at the time in the clock, wait ten seconds (that should advance 10 minutes in game time), drink or eat two coconuts. Rinse and repeat. 


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