How are you supposed to beat survival?

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Like this is just down to luck it feels like. When the game decides to give me enough time orbs, and I don't lose to the bullshit AI in rounds 10-13 the game just goes here's Kain who will responded to everything you do within one frame so you can't even hit him one damn time.


What the hell am I supposed to do. And how is this trophy not an Ultra Rare.


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I recommend using @Vergil's method. It worked really well for me once you get the hang of it. You can see the link to his trophy guide in the description of the video.

CPU will start getting more aggressive from stage 10, and luck is a big factor to beat this mode for sure. After some tries, I was able to reach Kain most of the time. I would say, for both Grant and Kain, you basically have to not let them breathe. I found that Grant was often hit by the Super, but also often punishes you when you are crouching for too long. Kain usually read everything I was doing and punished me instantly. Once I had the meter (and enough health) when reaching this stage, and put him on a loop he couldn't do a lot. Sure it was really frustrating having to re-do all 13 stages just to get my butt kicked in a matter of seconds by him, but when you are lucky enough to set up him (and get the items you need), you'll see you can beat him like the other characters. It is frustrating for sure, but you'll see that one 13-14 stages run is pretty quick once you have this method. 


Don't give up! Good luck. 🙂


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