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How do you do the last 4 mercenaries missions?

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Buy the magnum but save it for minibosses, make absolutely sure that you leave at least 1 bullet for the Wolf at the end of area 3

Use the remaining money to upgrade your LEMI in a way you like.

If you are going for just S ranks and not SSS in some stages you can even die and still have enough score, for Factory 2 my score of Area 1 was already enough for SS lol


On the final stage on the final area I died to the boss due to falling short on ammo and still got S

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Go with magnum and upgraded LEMI and keep trying until you learn the maps really, as long as you're just wanting an S rank one good combo is really all you need.


With castle I didn't realise you could actually press x on the doll like you did in the story, which saved my run after I blew all my remaining bullets on it.


Factory was the hardest in that you have to really get good with the LEMI, but I actually died on a 46 combo at Sturm and that was enough, so if you can string a combo basically until the Sturm fight that's all you've got to do.


Mad Village if you can combo the entire first area and a decent chunk of the second then you'll be at an S.


Really not much more you can do then just learning the map and trying to keep combos going, once you get it you'll be fine 

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If you're going to use the LEMI you want to upgrade it so you have damage 4, rate of fire 2 and clip size 2 at the beginning.  You mostly want to focus your shots on one enemy at a time until it dies but if you shoot them in the head it will typically stagger them so you can stop their advance long enough to finish them off.  The lycan enemies are very dangerous so you want to focus them first most of the time because they will run at you and initiate grabs quickly.  They also juke a lot so staggering them is important.  The main problem is that in open areas if there are multiple lycans they often will run in front of each other if you stagger one which will make it hard to finish the one you were focusing.  Switching targets is an easy way to lose your combo if you don't have a lot of damage yet from abilities so try to not to do that.  Use the magnum on minibosses as others have said and use mines or pipe bombs to stagger armored soldiers with the heart weak spots.  You can typically finish them with the pistol in another 2 to 4 shots to the heart when they are kneeling down after a close range explosion.  Sometimes you will need to use the magnum to keep your combo going if something doesn't go as planned so don't be afraid to use it in those situations.

Long range/close range damage, pistol damage, headshot damage, breakshot and executioner are all pretty good pistol abilities that can greatly increase the DPS of the gun.  If you manage to get enough of these the later areas are mostly easier than the beginning ones.  Other useful abilities are agile and lightning speed for being able to keep your combo up more easily when looting the environment and getting to the next room faster.  The abilities that heal when shooting the gun or killing enemies can save you as well when you're learning the tier 2 maps since you really don't want to be spending money on healing items if you can avoid it and you will need to heal immediately if you take an unblocked hit of any kind.  That being said.. always block if you think you'll take a hit.  You will still take damage but you wont get the long ass grab animations that break your combo very easily.  It is usually better to let an enemy attack and block it so you can counter attack than try to kill them quickly when they are in your face.  Ideally, you don't want anything close enough to hit you ever, but it is much easier said than done on the tier 2 maps.

On Castle 2, just use up all the magnum ammo before area 4 and then sell the magnum to buy the grenade launcher and a lot of explosive rounds.  It makes it really easy to get through that last wave although it doesn't really matter if you only want an S rank since its more of a SSS strategy.  Same deal with Factory 2, buy the grenade launcher and a lot of explosive rounds after selling magnum for area 2.  You also want to do that in Mad Village 2, make sure you get the grenade launcher for area 4 and 5.

Some of these tips may not really be that necessary for simply getting S rank, but it doesn't hurt to have a winning strategy that can get you SSS if you execute it properly.  Don't be afraid to skip stronger enemies if you don't feel like you can kill them either since you don't need a full combo or every enemy killed to move on to the next area.  You get a sizeable point bonus for passing the area and it will make the S rank fairly easy to achieve if you make it through most of the areas even if you don't manage to get a perfect combo.

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