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Weird To Not Have Infinite Ammo In Ethan Must Die as an Unlockable

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Seems weird this is the only mode that doesn't have it when Nightmare/Night Terror, Jack's Birthday, Not A Hero and End of Zoe all do. Like beating it in less than 20, 15, or 10 minutes would unlock it.


I just wanted another excuse to go guns blazing in that mode without worrying about ammo. lol


A thought did occur to me though that since you get rare weapons in 4* chests what if there was like chance of getting infinite ammo as well. That would've been cool. Probably 0.1% chance frustrating but cool nonetheless.

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3 minutes ago, Taizuke said:

I saw a video on youtube where the guy beat it in 6 minutes which is insane.


I'd imagine if there had been it probably would've been time based to unlock it.

you have to be super lucky with RNG, I still need to finish Zoe must die and Not a hero on hardest difficulty. :(

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