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On 5/19/2021 at 7:33 AM, vachira1123 said:

Guys! Any tips on drifting? I'm having a hard time getting the minimum drift score. Any tips will be appreciated. Thanks in advance!

Dude, if u r struggling, u can earn it after u reach icon level so that u can use icon points on ur attributes like hot head, slippery, drifty. And use only legendary parts on ur vehicle to make it even easier.

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The better equipment you get, the easier it becomes to drift. To get a great multiplier, the most important thing is to avoid hitting the walls, so you have to find the adequate speed (which you would have to adapat accordingly to new equipment) so that you are not too slow to break the multiplier and at the same time safe enough to stay on the road.

So just repeat the same track (the airport given in the guide is perfect for that) and practice. I had to practice a lot too … ?

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- First, Have both drift bonuses in your Icon profile maxed out to 25. If you don’t have enough Icon points for that, play a few Summit events each week and for just participating, you will usually be rewarded 150-300K followers. 
- Second, play the Airport Drift event in Miami.  The track there is really wide. It is absolutely imperative that you don’t hit the walls, otherwise you lose your multiplier. 
- Third, there is a sweet spot on the accelerator in drifting. If you are just flooring it, you will spin out quickly and lose the drift. Depress the :r2: maybe 1/3 to 1/2 way in and you will find the right speed for maintaining control in the drift.  The Crew 2 is very generous in that you can even tap the brakes mid-drift if you are about to hit a wall, yet your drift multiplier stays alive. 
- If you can string together a multiplier for for 30-40 seconds, you will be well on your way to 100,000 points. Keep trying! I was sure this would be the platinum breaker for me, but once you achieve on of those long, interrupted drifts, then it’s just a matter of stringing a couple of those together in one round to get the trophy. Took me probably 45 minutes of replaying the race before finally getting it.

Good luck! 

- Specific race you are looking for is Miami Race Track Skid race. Not Airport. Sorry! 

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Below is a link to my drift on Airport Terminal E, where I gained just over 100,000 points at ICON 18 without any special bonuses. Car was upgraded with parts to maximum performance. During the drift itself, I even crashed a couple of times and stopped drift chaining. I’m a noob at these games, but I succeeded. Keep trying.




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