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Last 15 minutes of gameplay


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Anyone having odd issues with this? This has happened a couple times to me now where I have hit the share button to get a video of something and rather than being the last 15 minutes of gameplay, it's moreso something from 20 - 30 minutes ago; completely missing the things I actually wanted captured.  :S


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I recall Sony stating developers have the option to disable that feature in certain parts of games to avoid spoilers so that may be the issue. Or are you talking about multiplayer?





It happened in multiplayer, which is why I was pretty confused it wasn't doing the actual last 15 minutes.  Happened in both Warframe and CoD: Ghosts.

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See I have been having issues with this, its basically stopped recording any gameplay at all. 


When I first played my PS4 it was working fine and when I wanted to share something funny that happened in Shadowfall I went to the share center and there was an 11 second clip recorded and that has been it ever since. 

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