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PlayStation 4ThePlayers Video (50 Unlocks)

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Recently, I got a link to this video in my mail This is another marketing campaign by Sony, again, with an interactive video where you can click and unlock stuff and various downloads.

I've (almost) got them all, so I decided to put up a list for those who have problems finding them:



01. Shape, from 1st PlayStation TV ad (A white "shape" hanging form the mirror.)

02. Hadouken Taxis (the driver)

03. Ryu from Street Fighter (the sticker on the glass between the driver and the passenger of the taxi)

04. DualShock 4 (the bouncing thing)

05. Killzone Shadowfall Logo ([email protected])

06. Hidden Blade Tailors (door) (the shop)

07. Edward Kenway (the running assassin)

08. Assassins Creed Black Flag (the black flag hanging from the shop, next to the door)

09. PlayStation<3Devs (sticker on the um.. power-brick-thing idk how it's called.)

10. Remote Play (the guy sitting in the uhm, bus-station)

11. Tearaway (the advertisement inside the bus-station)

12. InFamous Second Son (a poster hanging on the wall)

13. Driverclub (poster on the wall)

14. Killzone Shadow Fall (poster on the wall)

15. Knack (poster on the wall, to the far left)

16. Resistance (the logo on the guy's jacket)

17. ICO (the child wearing the horns/hat/...)

18. Little Big Planet (the same child as in ICO, only now you click his hand - he's holding the SackBoy in it)

19. Destiny (in the background, behind the child, right form the tank you see a movietheater. Click it.)

20. PlayStation App (phone in the passenger's hand.)

21. Driveclub (Game's logo on the car, left-up from the front wheel)

22. PlayStation Since 1995 (logo on Mercedes' door)

23. PlayStation Symbols ( :triangle:  :circle:  :cross:  :square: ) (Car's liscence plate)

24. PaRappa the Rapper (graffity on the garage)

25. God of War (the muscled mechanic)

26. Final Fantasy (the a-bit-gay-looking guy in front of the FF barber shop)

27. Uncharted (Drake's Antiques Shop)

28. Skyrim (Dragon. Kinda obvious IMO ^^)

29. Silent Hill 3 (the blue road-sign on the wall)

30. Knack (Rising from the ashes behind the construction workers)

31. Resident Evil (the truck with the S.T.A.R.S. logo)

32. Order 1886 (the parasol/sunprotection/hanging thing with the numbers on it, above the carriage)

33. Gran Turismo (Bro in Helmet)

34. Order 1886 (the horse & carriage)

35. InFamous Second Son (Latte Owl Cafe)

36. Delsin Rowe (the infamous character when the gets whole again, the moving particles.)

37. PlayStation Plus (logo on the Hamburger Stand)

38. Watch Dogs (Rovinblue Bank sign)

39. Aidan Pierce (... Aidan Pierce)

40. Naughty Dog (to the left of the mirror, there's a logo/sticker on the pole)

41. Destiny (the traveller in the mirror on the wall)

42. Double Life PS2 Advertisement (the next shot, the woman who's upside down, click on her head)

43. Aidan Pierce (again, but now the one who's pulling the player from the car)

44. Heavy Rain (the paper bird in the background)

45. Journey (the guy with the red scarf)

46. Helghast Ship (it's flying around there somewhere :P)

47. Crash Bandicoot (the roadsigh with the stickman inside) (Has sony bought it back from Acti? Let it be so!)

48. Helghast Soldier (they're marching to the right)

49. PS4 Hardware (the bigass screen)

50. Destiny (the traveller, high in the sky)









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What do you get if you find them all?


Well, some new trailers, various wallpapers to download, a cool video to watch, a virtual trophy unlock xD (see last picture) ... ;)


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I've just finished finding them all alone (without your guide)  :awesome:  :yay:


By finding them all you get:


-trailers to see


-3 pictures to transfer to your pc


(yeah, pretty lame)


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Why is there a bar that says "replay to reach 100%" is there any secret trophy? Because the bar above isn´t on it´s max too.


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Im posting on here pretty late, but I just recently did this and I got more wallpapers by screencapping some images you get from finding the trophies. 


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