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Did Patch 1.3.7 help anybody’s luck with collectibles? I’m still trying for scout log 9


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Here are the patch notes for patch 1.3.7:

  • Fixed an issue with Deceased Scouts not appearing as often as intended.
  • After having one of their Deceased Scout corpses scavenged, players will no longer receive a negative-effect parasite on startup.
  • Fixed an issue where the Ophion boss might disappear after a player uses the Reconstructor during the fight.
  • Fixed a rare audio bug causing loud noises during combat.
  • Fixed a small number of issues where players might become stuck in various rooms.
  • Fixed several issues where the player might encounter a black screen during the credits or whilst playing.
  • Multiple fixes for rare crashes during gameplay.


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After this patch I get deceased scouts in like 4-6 rooms per biome.  Never saw a single one before.


I recommend staying the fuck away from them.  First two I tried to avenge, which spawned a super malformed severed who quickly ended my run both times.  Third time I figured I'd scavenge it, but some tentacle thing came out if it and one shotted me before it even gave me the option to scavenge it.  Didn't touch a single one after that.


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It could be just a coincidence, but my very first run after the latest patch spawned one of my final two remaining ciphers for Crimson Wastes. I got a few new areas in that run that I’d never seen before the latest patch. Hopefully it has to do with the patch, but I could have just gotten lucky. One more cipher to go!

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I feel like it helped me, did 5-6 runs found the 4 ciphers I was missing only… got to 19/20 crimson waste, I have 90/90, no trophy, anybody have any ideas?


update: was 19/20 did a run after this post and got the one I was missing so yeah I think def this patch helped.

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I can say for me it did not help at all. As with so many players, for me scout log 9 was the last i was missing. While I kept looking for it throughout grinding all the other collectibles, I really started hunting 9 specifically after the patch dropped.


It took me about 150 speedrun attempts at biome 1 until I finally found it.

When it popped it was way before the fabricator room, 3rd blue door to be specific.

I had nothing else done, like having a parasite on me, or died in a specific way. It just happened to pop after said amount of tries, so is guess it really just comes down to RNG and nothing else.

As I said, I needed 150 attempts so no, I dont think the patch did anything here, unless i was still unlucky...

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On 22.5.2021 at 5:32 AM, AlphaExGAT said:

Does nothing for scout log 35 unfortunately lol. I went ahead and deleted my save file and started all the way over just for this one scout log so I can get the last survey trophy.

This is such a bulls***

i'm also missing thie scout log but i refuse to replay the whole game.

I would do it but not in a RNG based game, my rng luck is always nearly 0 so i wait for a patch.


I always try to check as much as possible, this Log spawns after Act 1 in the first Room of Biom 4 right?
So my problem, after i reached this Biom i did a break, an shut down my console so the time i startet the run was like a "New Cycle" and the room never showed up.

Because i won't miss an Audiolog in the middel of such a Room.


This is so incredible stupid i won't honor this with another Run.



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