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Triumph seal questions


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So i played destiny 2 when it came out and got forsaken a while ago on sale but gave up on the gambit seal because the pvp just isnt my thing really.

which other seal could i go for to get the trophy? I read That some of them dont count for the trophy and also with the season not everything is available at all times but i dont really care about how long it takes 

so can anyone recommend a seal to me that i can Go for in a more relaxed way ? I dont mind waiting for the vault rotation to bring content back. If it Takes some on and of playing every season thats ok for me.

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Other than Dredgen (which I'd still recommend), Cursebreaker seems like it would be the easiest. However at least last season part of it was glitched making it unobtainable. I don't know if it's been fixed. It's also heavily timegated so there is the possibility Forsaken could be vaulted before you finish it. 

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