I bought all the dlc packs and can't seem to download packs 2 and 4?

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I recently bought all the dlc packs for MW3 but during the transaction the PS3 store crashed on me but the transaction still went through and all 4 of the dlc packs appear under 'Services List' on the XMB. I can download packs 1 and 3 through the in game store but 2 and 4 are missing and I can't for the life of me figure out how to download them. Any help would be appreciated.


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A friend of mine who's PSN is also UK has the same problem. He contacted Sony about it maybe 5 months ago. It was never resolved. It went back and fourth. He was finally able to download DLC 1, 3 & 4 but never 2. His system crashed as well. 


Try contacting PSN support and provide proof that you can't access the content. Trust me they're idiots and won't believe you at first. PUT ALL EVIDENCE on the first post. You don't wanna spend 2-3 weeks waiting for them to respond for a little clarification. Take pictures of your download list, PS Store page, services list etc and film a video trying to download the DLC. If you're lucky, they'll cancel the purchase and you'll be able to buy the packs again. However, it might glitch again. P.S. Pack 4 is not required for trophies. 


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