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Any problems on PS5?

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I have seen only small anecdotes here and there about this game not doing well on PS5. Can anyone back that up or speak to an inconsistencies? According to a comment on backwards-compatible, it looks like save data can corrupt rather easily.




EDIT: I figured I'd update this since I've completed it. As others have said, it does tend to crash upon booting a save. However, you can usually get around this by trying again or loading another save (try booting a hard save if the auto save crashes and vice versa). I don't know if this helped, but I'd also go into the options on the main menu and adjust the brightness one tick and then save it before booting and that seemed to help. 


I also backed up my save after every session just to be sure. It's not perfect, but getting the plat on PS5 isn't too tough. 

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I'm playing it on PS5 and the pop up warning of stability issues scares me every time. So far I haven't had any game breaking issues. Mostly just funny AI glitches that I didn't experience on the PS4. Like AI flying through the air and vehicles bouncing off the road when driving (almost like an explosion went off underneath the vehicle without an actual explosion there).

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Just got the platinum playing all the way through on PS5. Theres a chance the game will crash when loading your save on the main menu, but try a few times and it will load. After you load in the game works totally fine. Had it crash maybe 4 or 5 times through the entire completion, totally doable. Would recommend it to anyone whos curious about going for the plat

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