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The OFFICIAL PSNP Let's be Friends Thread!


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I see you have good intentions my friend but the way to really solve this problem is to open a "Lets use the search function" School.

I will contribute to the community with my valuable presence tho:

PSN ID : KingBaku


System : PS3 Only


Accepts blank friend requests?

You can be my friend only if you write the answer to this in your msg:
"Speak Friend and Enter!" :devil:



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Why the heck not  :ninja:


PSN ID: Ala-Arska


System: PS3 only


Accepts blank requests: No. Secret PSNP handshakes are not necessary, but I like to see something written there...


The more, the merrier (that's what she said).

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PSN ID: It is listed all over this post, but it's King_Chile

PS Systems: PS3, Vita, PS4

Accepts Blank Friend Requests No


I don't think it shows it on PS4, but if my list starts getting too cluttered (doubtful) then I guess I'll delete people based on how long they've been inactive.

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PSN ID: Bullstomp

System: PS3

Games: FPS (ESPECIALLY Military), Action, Wrestling, Football, Baseball, etc


I DO NOT accept blank friend requests. I'm not a snob, I just don't have the capacity. That being said, I will accept friend requests that say "PSNProfiles" in the message, I would just delete inactive players off my list to make the room . . .

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