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Crysis Remastered Trilogy (October 15th, 2021)


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I was incredibly close to buying the first game when it was on sale for the first time, but I forgot about that sale and missed it. It's on sale again right now, and I was about to buy it this weekend, but I held off from it.


Dodged that bullet twice, lol.

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46 minutes ago, pieroV_86 said:

YES! i aways wanted to play the second and third game but due the multiplayer closed and other stuff, i didn't had the chance.


but why they did released the first one for ps4 months ago and the trilogy on fall? 1f636.png

Crysis 3 still has servers going

I only played Crysis 3 on ps3 for the platinum, and I was disappointed with the storyline and gameplay. Crysis 1 was remastered last year, and Crysis 2 is getting remastered, so I can get the collection whenever I please myself 

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2 hours ago, IchKummAusmOsten said:

without multiplayer 1f629.png1f629.png1f629.png


24 minutes ago, lucky0ne16 said:

is it true both will have no online to them


Yes, unfortunately. While we won't be able to power-jump over, air-stomp against, and power-kick objects into random players in the engaging online environment that was in the Crysis trilogy in this remastered one, we might be able to soon in a separate online Crysis battle royale game that was leaked, the same one that contained the Crysis remasters. So keep an eye out for that.


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Well...I had been holding off on buying the first game. Partially because people say it runs bad on PS4 and partially because I've been waiting for a better sale than it's gotten previously. But I guess I'll just go ahead and get this eventually. 


Glad to hear the online is gone from 2 and 3. I own the trilogy on PS3, they had been on the backlog to play for YEARS and I never got around to it because the online was holding me back. Now I'd have no excuse. 

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On 01/06/2021 at 9:47 AM, abhinandhan22 said:

Very glad I waited and did not get Crysis remastered. 2 is the only one I want to replay badly anyway. Will just pick up the trilogy physically now

has physical even been confirmed?


EDIT: yes it has. rejoice!


stupid Ninja Gaiden asia physical only..Bastards

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9 hours ago, mckbros said:

Crysis 2 is offline for ps3, but Crysis 3 still has servers @Viper. I advise working on the mp trophies sooner than later for Crysis 3

I'm not worried about it anymore. I would want to play them all in order, and if I can't even plat Crysis 2 anymore then there's no point. I'll just get the Remasters down the line and play those instead. 

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On 5.6.2021 at 7:27 PM, Stan Lee said:

Wish I'd held off on buying Crysis Remastered but hey, live and learn. 

You can buy 2 and 3 separately. You don't need to buy the whole trilogy again (probably not even possible digitally, since sony is locking bundles if you already own parts of it).

On 1.6.2021 at 7:37 PM, PooPooBlast said:

If it's anything like the quality of the first remastered game on the ps4/pro then yikes.. 


Here's to hoping the ps5 can fix those issues. 


If yes, then count me in. 

Crysis 1 runs quite well on ps5 now (should have run that good on ps4 as well tbh). I didn't expect much last summer, because i never owned a ps4 pro, just a regular one so i expected a 1080@30 version and thats exactly what i got. Pro consoles and the separate modes there are the main issue of the remaster. PS5 uses the same modes but they all perform way better. Also they reintegrated ascension (the v-tol level)

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2 hours ago, westersburg said:

Crysis 1 runs quite well on ps5 now

Good to know! Thanks. 


I saw a digital foundry video and from my understanding, performance mode was the best option. Quality mode was struggling to maintain a constant 60 fps and it didn't even look that different from performance mode. Not to mention it has dynamic resolution and so it never actually reaches the targeted/intended 1800p which is hilarious..


Then there's ray tracing mode which performs similar to quality mode albeit looks nicer. 


I mean to tell you the truth, obviously the ps5 version is better than the ps4, but my goodness it's just not optimized well in terms of what the ps5 is capable of doing. 

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