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Is Dropping Fools Trophy backup save method still working?


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As the invasions are back so lot of people are going for the platinum and i wanted to ask that the people who got Dropping Fools trophy 

I wanted to ask that is that save backup and download method still working for 10 wins in a row?

Asking this because there are lot of mixed answers so i really wanted to know from those who attempted the method recently and is working or not.

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On 8/23/2021 at 8:52 PM, TheAbyssWalker61 said:

you got it? i dont know what im doing wrong, its not working for me or im doing wrong?

I got it different way like me and my friend started searching at same time and got matched up every single time and we both got it easily 


If u have a friend who has same region account with same region MKX game, same Nat type and must live in same country 

I have tried it with many ppl but couldn't got matched up so i had a friend who lived in my country and had all things so we got matched up easily (nat type must be same aswell) 

Or if you can borrow another ps4 and connect to same network, you will also get matched up easily 

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