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Does anyone know what's up with the physical retail release of this game?

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So the retail release of this on PS4 was supposed to come out 28th May in the UK. Around it comes and no sign of my pre-order dispatching, so I check, and now everywhere claims the PS4 version is coming out 4th June (Switch version apparently still came out 28th May though). So another week rolls around and still no sign of it dispatching. I check its page and it's now apparently releasing 30th June. I check a few other sites, many now list its release date as 18th June, including Amazon UK (also according to them and a few other sites, the Switch version is now also releasing 18th June, despite already being in stock on a few sites since last week).


I check PlayAsia, European copies have no price and can't be ordered, but claim they're "pending stock arrival". Upon checking again later today, they now just say out of stock.


I know there's some European copies out in the wild somewhere because I've seen some people share photos of their copies, as well as an unboxing video on YouTube posted back on the 28th of May.


I know this is really niche, so not gonna be shocked if this gets no answers, but I'm not really sure where else to ask. Can't find any dedicated, active Wonder Boy forum or subreddit or anything. I checked the publisher's twitter (ININ) and they just insist it released on the 28th, no word about this at all. The thing is, I've had issues with another ININ release before, Root Double for Switch. Took literally 6 months for the place I ordered it from to get stock after its release date, and barely any sites in general seemed to have it in stock. The site I initially ordered from just flat out cancelled my order and removed the game from their website with no explanation given. Really don't want a similar situation with this game.


Is anyone else having issues securing a physical copy of this game? And does anyone know anywhere in the UK/Europe that has stock available?


Edit: Just some update on this, apparently Rarewaves has it in stock, but I'm not going to bother ordering from them to find out. They're not a site I've ever really used, I've bought from their ebay store maybe 2 or 3 times in the past 5 years, and I honestly don't remember how my experiences were (I don't think they were bad, at the very least). The game is also listed on their eBay store, but like with many sites that have their own website and an eBay account, it's slightly more expensive on eBay.


Gaming Nerds also apparently has it in stock, but I don't think they actually do. I ordered from them a few days ago now, and my copy still hasn't dispatched. They advise they dispatch items within 2 working days after purchase, it has now been 4. I've even tried contacting them about it, but have yet to receive a response yet. Definitely don't recommend ordering from them.


Other than that, no where else seems to have stock. Some sites have now even pushed the release date back to the 25th June, including Amazon UK and Base. Many more places do have the Switch version in stock now though, even Base whom originally had it dated for 18th June, it just suddenly came in stock yesterday I believe.


I'll keep this OP updated if/when stock ever appears anywhere in the UK, for any random person it may be helpful to. In the meantime, I've ordered the Strictly Limited version and asked them to combine shipping with my original order for the Switch version which includes Monster World 4 on cart. They were extremely quick to respond and helpful in that. I know at the very least, even if it takes a few more months, I'll eventually get this game through them if no one else.


Never had this much difficulty finding stock for a new, standard retail release before, not even Root Double (Amazon did get that in stock on release day back in January, whereas a lot of other sites struggled obtaining stock for months). I can't even find this game listed on any of the more mainstream/big retailers here (e.g. GAME, Argos, Smyths, Currys, etc.), aside from Amazon UK. I know it's kinda niche but I've found what I would think are a lot "nicher" games at big name retailers before like Steins;Gate Elite (actually got my collector's edition of this through GAME, since the site I originally ordered from never got stock), Deponia Collection and Disaster Report 4.

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4 minutes ago, DaisyVilla102 said:


Not really, I'd be waiting even longer ordering from Strictly. I waited literally a year for Coffee Talk to ship from them, and I've always had to wait 8 months minimum in general for other games. Still waiting on Clockwork Aquario from them which recently had its shipping estimate changed from this month to a vague Q3/Q4 release. I ordered it back in November.


Thanks anyway, I may end up ordering through them if I can't seem to get this game physically anywhere else but I hope that won't be the case.


I know I could just bite the bullet and get it digitally if worse comes to worse, but it's actually more expensive digitally, and from what I understand, the digital version doesn't come with a copy of the original Monster World 4.


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3 hours ago, sealightbreeze said:

I got mine off Amazon. Did you try there? 


Amazon UK kept fluctuating with their "release dates" too. It seems they didn't get it in stock on either 28th May or 4th June, and now it says it's releasing 18th June (same for the Switch version).


2 hours ago, BGriff1986 said:

May be telling you something you already know, but the ININ page for the game has a list of online suppliers by country. May give you some options you haven’t already looked at


It lists Amazon and Base for the UK. I did order a copy from Base, but it's currently just stuck at "pending" and the page says they're awaiting stock from the supplier. The page for the Switch version on there also lists the release date as 18th June, same with Amazon, which again, is not actually the case as some sites like ShopTo have had the Switch version in stock since 28th May. Maybe they're just expecting to receive stock on 18th June? Either way, I just hope somebody gets the PS4 version in stock eventually.

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