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Warp Specialist

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I have seen conflicting answers on whether or not warp ammo use counts as warp specialist trophy? or is it just Miranda's warp on barriers that counts? I really dont like Miranda, and and I want to use Jack instead, and i dont want to use them together as i am an engineer. If i get squad warp ammo, and constantly use Jack's warp ammo ability, am i able to get this trophy?

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Actually playing as a tech character is a great reason to use Maranda and Jack. If you take down enemies shields or armor then hit them with Jack's pull and Maranda's warp (which you should also be using on barriers to get the trophy. Just make sure it finished the barrier. If you hit them with warp and they have a little barrier left it won't count) enemies will explode and be instantly dead. Even on insanity most regular enemies die from that combo in one hit.

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