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Deadeye trophy


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Did you get this trophy? 

i tried sniper 100% accuracy, 8 criticals (OHK) in one session, it didn’t unlock! 

Edit: NVM. I believe this is bugged. I unloaded on 1 dino and even missed once and the trophy popped. 

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This trophy is buggy. I think I closed the game and when I loaded back in. Made sure I went to a easy zone. Like the first one. Don't bring any extra ammo or the pistol. Just the sniper n make absolutely sure without a doubt to not miss. Also only shoot stegosaurus. The shell boys have a weird hit box. If this doesn't work. Back up your save then start a fresh one n try on a new save. 

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I finally got this. My theory: I don't think the game resets accuracy after every hunt. So if you don't get 100% hits in your first hunt after booting up the game then every attempt after is not going to pop this. I got this after closing the game, then starting it back up, going into the first map with 8 shot sniper, hit every dino, trophy popped on the last shot.

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