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Renegade rising without reason

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I'm trying to do a full paragon run in all 3 games was successful in the first but I'm noticing my renegade meter is rising even though I'm doing nothing but paragon actions and dialogue like it went from a sliver (no idea how I got that even) to a quarter inch right after recruiting jack but I did nothing but paragon actions and dialogue with her and during that mission


So does anyone know what's going on?

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23 minutes ago, nyarLOLhotep said:

There are some actions like 

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helping Liara hack

that are renegade actions. There's no way to do the above without getting renegade points. You can only not do certain things.

Yeah I read up on it apparently it forces renegade points on you no matter what like there's no way to do the convict mission without getting renegade points because I get some with every paragon action just u get more paragon than renegade. Just hope it won't mess up loyalty missions

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