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Need Crimewave Edition + Crimewave Collection DLC bundle.

Crimewave Edition (via the 505 Games website):

This version of Payday 2 contains updates and downloadable content (DLC) worth over $80, including The Big Bank DLC, the first female heister Clover, as well as the recently released The Bomb DLC!

In total, here's what's included:

  • Armored Transport  
  • Gage Weapon Pack #1  
  • Gage Weapon Pack #2  
  • Gage Mod Courier Pack  
  • Gage Sniper Pack  
  • The Big Bank Heist  
  • Gage Shotgun Pack  
  • Gage Assault Pack  
  • Hotline Miami  
  • Gage Historical Pack  
  • The Diamond Heist  
  • Clover Character Pack  
  • The Bomb Heists  
  • Dragan Character Pack  
  • The Death Wish Update  
  • The Election Day Heist  
  • The Shadow Raid Heist  
  • John Wick Character Pack  
  • The Hoxton Breakout Heist  
  • Old Hoxton Character Pack  
  • The Infamy Update  
  • The Diamond Store Heist  
  • The White Xmas Heist  
  • The PAYDAY 2 Soundtrack to play in-game

Crimewave Collection DLC bundle (game not included) on the PSN store:

  • The Pointbreak Heists
  • The Alesso Heist
  • The Golden Grin Casino Heist
  • The Sokol Character Pack
  • The Yakuza Character Pack
  • Butcher’s AK/CAR Mod Pack
  • Butcher’s BBQ Pack
  • Butcher’s Western Pack
  • The Gage Ninja Pack
  • Gage Chivalry Pack
  • John Wick Heists
  • John Wick Weapons Pack
  • Scarface Heist
  • Gage Russian Weapons Pack
  • Gage Spec Ops Pack
  • The Goat Simulator Heist
  • The Wolf Pack
  • They Sydney Character Pack
  • The Biker Heist
  • Biker Character Pack
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