Compilation of Tips & Tricks for the Platinum [+Spoilers]

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All good tips I'm down to the last 5 trophies myself (Flesh Wound, Fresh Meat, MVP, No Room For Sidekicks, and Anthology) now that I just 100% on Rage 2 I want to finish up here.

The only thing that I'll add is if you are like me and you are doing the Ultra Nightmare trophy from the jump here are my tips

  1. Play Scorchers DLC mission Rumbles in the Dark to get the nailgun because the railgun slug gives you the focus style ability from Rage 2 to see where enemies are through the walls which is a life saver for a sniper playstyle
  2. Play Scorchers DLC mission Scorched Refinement to unlock Jackpots so you can play video poker and stack cash for your UN playthrough
  3. Skip all other scorchers DLC until after you've beaten the game as the payoffs are not worth the increase in difficulty
  4. The time trials in the races are absolute crap in ultra nightmare so just keep a manual save from before Assault on the Authority Bridge
  5. Beat the game on Ultra Nightmare to unlock all the stacked difficulty trophies
  6. Reload pre-Assault on Authority bridge save and complete time trials on Easy difficulty + any missing races/missions etc
  7. Replay assault on authority bridge and make sure to collect the card + 2x jumps. You should get obsessive compulsive as soon as you complete the jump because your profile will have already kept the obsessive compulsive point for completing the story so that will push you up to 130 you don't actually have to beat the game a 2nd time unless that's your jam
  8. Beat the remaining Scorchers missions on Easy



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Posted (edited)

Thank for the greats tips to you both. Couldn't have come at a better time. I just finished my Ultra nightmare play through last night so I have some questions.


I got all the collectibles and popped their respective trophies but still need Obsessive Compulsive. Seeing as how I can go back to Wellspring, shall I just continue the save I have just before the bridge mission and do all the races in Wellspring? Is that even possible or are those races locked out now seeing as I've already progressed to Subway Town?


Shall I replay the game before the point I travel to Subway Town and then do all the races,minigames collect every remaining collectible again? 


Edit: Managed to do everything on the save file before accepting the last mission. Was at 127/130 and just needed the 2 jumps and 1 collectible card for Obsessive Compulsive to pop as I already completed the campaign on the main global save file.

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Posted (edited)

You can still do all the Wellspring content as long as you have not started the Assault on the Authority Bridge mission.


I did the sniping job board missions and all the races on easy once I reloaded my save from before that mission. You should have the OC number at 127 before finally starting that mission and then you will bump up to 130 after you get the card on the bridge and do the 2 jumps past the bridge.


I followed this checklist religiously and the timing/points all added up for me exactly as it states.



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