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Question about the weapons in the game for 100% dlc & before ng+ save


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Finally nearly after 3 years I finally finished the game & don't have much more to do before making ng+ save for this game. 


But I am stuck on something about the  weapons I'm the game & dlc. 


In the game I have max out the capacity of the weapons (and can't make more room in the crafting abilities for the weapons) which means that i have the 35 capacity for different weapons & the final weapon that I have left is the final one of the DLC that can make the game dlc as 100%. 


Tldr: is there a way to make the game to take the last weapon & still keep all the weapons in the inventory? If not what is the most recommended weapon (from the green tear) to sell/drop for place for the final weapon in the dlc


I noticed that some weapons in the game when you get rare or very rare tear the design of the weapon is not change at all so I think if I drop or sell one of the weapons it will be in one of them. 


Thanks for everyone that will try to help

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