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silenced weapons

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So i'm about to buy this and the deluxe version says it has the only silenced smg and shotgun in the game as well as the best silenced pistol.  Is this necessary?  Is there a big emphasis in stealth in this game as compared to the others.  Are there not any silenced weapons available with the standard edition?  I just don't want to buy the standard and then the trophies be  living hell because i don't have access to silenced guns as much or whatever.   Also is this game a finished product or is it full of bugs? thanks for any information in advance.

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I played a bit of the first game on another account, had it's fair share of bugs and glitches, nothing game breaking from what I remember.


Sadly it seems to be the norm with the CI Games but they have improved a lot from Sniper Ghost Warrior 3 and anyone who has played that will tell how horrid the loading times and game breaking bugs are.


But yeah for a tactical shooter like this that lets you play it stealthy and not have any silenced weapons? It would be a bizarre oversight to have them behind another paywall.

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The game allows you to put a silencer on the mg you start with. I didn't explore the secondary weapons much, as the already silenced pistol, once equipped with a sight means you can easilly snap to headshots and take two enemies out from close,quarters quickly.... You can also down heavies with five or six headshots and with the silenced mg running and gunning or stealth is a breeze.

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