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Level Select and a little Trick.

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2 hours ago, Sikutai said:

I was able to use a little trick that got me to level 10 without any problems. This only worked for me from level 4: As soon as it starts and Ready appears immediately and as quickly as possible press X and keep it pressed all the way to the Finish Line. The figure jumps automatically. It works with a little practice. Repeat at the beginning of every new Level.

Did you just get lucky? Have tried this countless times with no luck. 3rd hurdle always fails me, or, if I'm lucky, one of that later ones. Am I pressing it too fast? Too slow?


Cause from my understanding I'm doing it immediately as I load in and that's how you do it.

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I did this several times now and press X immediately when I can control the character and its always different. sometimes I get through a level, sometimes I fall after the 4th obstacle etc. what's the problem for me???


I start at level 6 for this

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