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Does the ps5 disc let you install the ps4 version?


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I could have sworn it did when I was playing the ps5 version, but now that I want to 100% the ps4 version, I'm not able to get it


EDIT: I have the physical deluxe ps5 version, and I distinctly remember switching between versions and seeing the different trophy completion.

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I don't see why it would. I've pretty much been buying the PS4 version of every PS5 game with a free upgrade because it's kind of silly to get the "inferior" version, especially if you want to do the trophy list twice because it's fun. This is of course unless you're concerned about the paid upgrade not being a thing in like 5 years (which could happen).


You may have seen the PS4 version if you downloaded one of the demos for example, as the system could see that as an instance of the PS4 version. Also if you got any DLC, that would probably be applied to both versions, which may cause them to show up on the switcher or whatever.

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