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Darkness Falls


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Just a quick heads up for anyone waiting for a nightfall belonging to the Forsaken expansion, the Warden of Nothing strike is the weekly nightfall starting this Tuesday (8th June, 2021).


That means you'll have until the following Tuesday at reset (6pm UK time) to complete the nightfall strike and earn the trophy. ?

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Just unlocked this trophy earlier today because I only realised this week’s nightfall is “The Hollowed Lair” or whatever it’s called and it’s exclusive to Forsaken.


If you’re reading this before Tuesday 12th October 2021 (EU Timezones) and are looking for this trophy, go complete the Nightfall/Strike right now for another trophy opportunity!

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For this week (the third and final week of Festival of the Lost) the Nightfall Strike is The Corrupted, located on the Dreaming City. Once again, this means from now until next weekly reset (November 2nd, 2021) this trophy can be obtained upon completion of The Corrupted.

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