Compilation of Tips & Tricks for the Platinum [+Spoilers]

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Just got the platinum for this game and wanted to share some Tips & Tricks I've found around.
First of all, many of the games let you change the difficulty and the amount of lives you have, but for some games it's better to set the difficulty to hard in order to get more points. Check the guide for them.


0. Use the quick save. A lot.


1. Alex Kidd
Very easy. Get $500, die, get $500. Trophy acquired. Here's a video that shows a hidden path that will make things easier for you.


2. Altered Beast

Focus on the power ups by the grey wolf-like creatures.On the boss, use the flying kick to avoid the falling heads.


3. Beyond Oasis

Follow this walkthrough until getting the trophy.


4. Bonanza Brothers

You'll be able to smash a cop with a door in the beginning of the first level. Keep doing it until you reach the needed score.


Since I'm not very smart, I didn't realize I could move the platform up on the second stage. Yeah, you can.


6. Fatal Labyrinth
Attack everything as soon as possible, except for mages and the blue crystal. RNG will often spawn you very near to the stairs.


7. Golden Axe 3
Use magic whenever you can.


8. Dr. Robotnik's M.B.M

Use this password: Yellow, Orange (Has Bean), Blue, Blue
You'll be in the last level on easy mode.


9. Shinobi 3
Crouch, throw shuriken.


10. Sonic 3D Blast
Move slow, hold the spin button. This way you'll attack the enemies with more precision.


11. Sonic Spinball
Save after each milestone. Ie. 500.000 points, getting a gem, etc.


12. Get to the Chopper
Set the difficulty to Hard, the controls to Reverse and keep on the upper-left corner of the screen until the tank arrives. Move around the screen while shooting and avoiding the enemy's bullets. On the top-view part, go from left to right (and vice-versa) while shooting.


13. Streets of Rage 3
Save before fighting the clown and the kangaroo. You can still grab the kangaroo and hit it a little bit, so don't mind loading every time you interact with it.


14. Vectorman 2

When in the game, pause, press :up:, :right:, :square:, :triangle:, :square:, :down:, :left:, :square:, :down:, :start:, select Dig 2 and there you go.




15. For the trophy which you have to play all the games, play all of them withouth exiting the game.


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