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Great game but a little bit disappointing

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After the disaster that was REmake 3, I didn't expect this game to be that exciting, basically a carbon copy of RE4.


They tried so hard to capture both the magic of RE4 and RE7, but failed a little bit, still a fun game though. The game is too polished and look so damn good. But I think Capcom would not be able to top REmake 2, RE7 and especially RE4. 


Story was great, better than RE7 imo. Weapons however are so damn good in this game. Like usual, it felt good blowing someone's head off with a shotgun or a magnum. The whole map was gorgeous af, couldn't complain about that. Boss fights were great except, Donna and Angie and Moraeu. So far we've seen giant mutated whale, housefly, Trex, elephant, centipede, bat, scorpion etc. But I have never seen a dragon in an RE game before. The T-103's omnipresence in REmake 2 is unbeatable, even with Dimitrescu's Nemesis' and Jack's, there are no comparisons. His omnipresence were both scary and annoying. I don't see what was the big deal with Dimitrescu, she was not special or exciting, NOT ONE BIT and she was just in the game for like an hour or less and yet people hyped her like she was the T-103. 


I just wished that enemies could speak in Romanian, cussing at you and warning you that they are behind and about to attack.


Lastly, rumors said that Shinji is being consulted for REmake 4 and I hope to god its true.

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I thought the story was kinda dumb, even for a Resident Evil game. Chris doesn't tell you shit and could have avoided pretty much everything with a one-minute explanation at the start. The villains plan was vague and incomprehensible, and there's no real reason for the kid she needed for her plan to succeed to be split up into four parts. Very little of it made sense, in my opinion, especially compared to RE7, which was much tighter.

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