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Archivist trophy - glitched?

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So, I’ve completed the game and I got every trophy, well except for one. For some reason the archivist trophy won’t pop on me even though I have every single race codex entry in the game. Am I missing something? Do I need to get them in some particular order or something? And yes I’ve read several times that a few of them are missable BUT, I actually managed to get them. The only one I didn’t have before reading the guide was the Valos one. So, I went to Citadel and I talked to the person so I could gain the last codex entry, which I got. But the game did not “show” me that it was a new codex file for me to read, neither did the trophy pop. I don’t have any problems in doing a new run for a few hours but I just wanted to know if there’s a way around this. I should not play it all again when I actually have completed the task.


edit: never mind I just restarted the game, loaded up the auto save file and then the trophy popped. Just a heads up if this happens to someone else. :)

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