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Is there a way to buy a specific game?


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i was thinking about buying Commando as i believe it is possible to get the remaining trophies there, but the game tries to force me to buy a full pack, i was wondering if there is a way to avoid this? a full package is costing the price of a triple a lol, and honestly i already have all these games in other collections.

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Pretty sure it's 3 packs of 10's or the whole package all-in-one only. It does kinda suck because Pack 1 has a lot of games that were already on the Capcom Arcade Cabinet (PS3) so you'd be buying a lot of duplicates (if you already have them on PS3). Otherwise, it's more the price of packs that is off-putting.


I ended up only getting Pack 2 for Captain Commando, and it really helped with the 100 hours trophy. ?

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1 hour ago, ebbhead1991 said:

They just released all of the games as individual purchases this week, if OP is still looking. 

yeah i just saw, captain commando is enough for the trophy purpose :)

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