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Fort Condor - Grandmaster Hard

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Does anyone have any tips for this stupid thing? I did the other 13 Fort Condor battles on my first try (regular and hard difficulty), but this one is just absurd. I've lost over 20 times on it now. Nothing seems to work -- he just spawns units too quick, to the point that literally he will have 25+ units on the field at a time. How on earth are you supposed to have a chance at this (and why does Square-Enix only seem to believe in difficulty spikes, rather than difficulty curves)?

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That's way different than how I did it. Until that fight I used a similar load out and then I changed it up for best boy.


I opted for lower cost guys, stationary guns to hold the line, and relied on magic to keep him from getting too many facilities built. I used the grandmaster board so I had Stop ready after my AOE dmg spells were gone to give my attackers free run on the headquarters. 

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Ive not got to hard yet, but for another possibility to try;


What I would do is assign the lower ATB units and all Vanguard. I would start eith Guard Dogs as they run straight for yhe towers, then you can spam all ur units beside it. 


I would use materia on tough units that spawn just whulipe my guys destroy the tower. Fight would be over pretty quick!! 


Ive seen a few guides say that weaknesses are the most important thing, but I just go straight for base quick as possible


Longer the fight lasts, the more tit for tat it becomes, get it over soon as!! 

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Got it first try myself thanks to a combo of the above posts, so thank you!


Grandmaster Board: I started by putting a defense barracks and grenadier barracks behind my lines. Then cycled an attack dog (MVP of hard mode btw), a shock trooper, and a turret. Place them so they cannot be attacked by more than one tower/base. Then just cycle the dog/trooper/turret and use your spells to damage the main base. It was over in 2 minutes and I completely ignored defending myself and still had my stop spell if I needed it.

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