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Trophy List not fully updating

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Yesterday and today I've noticed on my daily update for trophies that it's only updating one of two games that I played within the previous 24 hours.  


Yesterday I had to use my daily update option to fix or show the accurate or complete trophies earned from the prior day.  I just woke up randomly and the same thing as yesterday.  It shows one of the two games trophies I achieved in the last 24 hours yet the other shows no change when I did get at least 3 trophies in the second game.


I tried to update and since the system did it within the last hour I have to manually update it in like 30 minutes.


This has only just started happening this week as not being a premium member it's worked the entire time since I've joined regardless of the number of games I play each day.


What is the solution for this?


I'm also wondering what if I don't update it manually in the next half hour?  Tomorrow when the site updates again is it just going to update that 1 game and ignore any trophies I get on a second game?  Theoretically always working itself 1 day further behind?

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7 minutes ago, DaivRules said:

Sync your console manually with PSN, then come back here and sync. You can manually sync once every 60 minutes. The Daily sync of the automatic daily sync the site will do with your profile. 


Can you please provide instruction or a link with steps?

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1 hour ago, LegendExeter said:


Can you please provide instruction or a link with steps?


On your PS3, go to your Trophy Collection icon in the XMB, press the Triangle and select Sync. Wait for the sync to finish.


Come to the site and go to the main page. Either type in your name in the search box and click Update User or if you are logged in, click your name in the top right then select Update Profile.


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Just now, LegendExeter said:

Ok thank you, that has fixed the issue.  I guess when I'm done for the day I will sync to server before I turn off the system.


That's a good idea for PS3 and one of the perks to having Plus is that in the daily automatic save backups, the trophies should generally also sync.

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