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'Gotta Catch More of 'Em' trophy


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I had a little trouble with this trophy, so I thought I'd save people a bit of time and list the Champions that count and how to get them. 


Trophy conditionsOwn a common champion for each faction


I was a little confused that this didn't ping when you get the four starter decks, as they come with Common champions. However, there are 8 common champions you can earn during the game, so you'll need one from each faction: 


Queezy (Red faction) - The newbie challenge (beat Lil' Jessica) on Tuesday 
Tock (blue) - Beat Owen - Tuesday (choose between Tock and Glowa) 
Głową (purple) - Beat Owen - Tuesday - (choose between Tock and Glowa)
Poofant (green)  - Tuesday (win the super tournament) 


Precious (red) - Who is more stylish side quest - (Wednesday) - choose Mindy (don't pick both Mindy and Samantha - you'll get both champions temporarily, but they'll confront you later and take them back)
Catula (green) - Who is more stylish side quest - (Wednesday) - choose Samantha (don't pick both)
Bunnibal (blue ) - Snitch out Alvin in the T-shirt quest on Thursday 
Grim (purple) - Let Lil' Jessica have the stuffed toy on Thursday 


Tock and Catula are very overpowered for common Champions, so I would definitely choose those when given the option. Which means you'll probably end up going for Grim and Queezy for the others. 


The 'Gotta Catch Most of 'Em' trophy - Own a rare champion for each faction - seemed a lot easier, but for anyone wondering, here are the locations/Champions for that one. I didn't note down all the days for these ones though. 


Neuron (green) - Choose between this and Barbs for Ashley's snack theory mission reward
Barbs (purple) - Choose between this and Neuron for Ashley's snack theory reward
Valor (blue) - Choose this or Joan of Bark for helping Cedric with his homework (hang out with Cedric on Tuesday)
Joan of Bark (red)  - Choose this or Valor for helping Cedric with homework (hang out with Cedric on Tuesday)


Fluffles (green) - Birthday card - help Austin make a card for Tara 
Cypher (purple) - Help Mitzi find a fall guy 
Rex Machina (red) - Beat Queezy on Thursday 
FrankenStoat (blue) - Beat Inferna on Friday


Hope this helps anyone having trouble with these trophies. 

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Thanks for this! I played the game a bit on my phone when I had Apple Arcade and enjoyed it enough to pick it up here.


Do you have global tips to keep in mind trophy-wise? We have to play through the game 4 times to get all best friends, correct, with one of those on Challenge Mode? Is there a list of side quests and how to obtain them? I haven’t managed to find one online, though apparently they stack over playthroughs…


Any help would be welcome!

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No problem! Most of the trophies do have pretty good guides elsewhere, so I'd scope those out. As for global tips, mine would be: 


The 'Queen of the Hill' trophy: Completing challenge mode without losing a game is quite tricky because you can't really 'save scum'. I made the mistake of thinking I could just reload an old save if I lost a card battle. But the trophy didn't ping. As soon as a loss registers, that's it for the entire playthrough for that save. You basically need to start the playthrough again. It is possible to quickly close the game before the 'kill blow', but it's very risky. I'd advise just quitting out on your go if things are looking bad for you. The game isn't massively difficult, but there are a few aggressive players/decks to watch out for on this trophy. I'd avoid the tournament on Tuesday entirely when doing your Challenge playthrough, for instance. There's a very aggressive Catula deck that can burst you down out of nowhere. Green and blue decks in general can quickly kill you due to charge and swarm, respectively. 


Free roam: You can pick up a lot of miscellaneous trophies in the post-game, as there is free roam. Generally, I would save most of my stickers for these trophies in the post-game. 


Game rule changes: From Thursday onwards, you'll start being able to change the rules of Power Pets. Most of the rules changes you'll want to pick will be based on the deck you're using. But I would say there are two that are must-haves when they become available: 

  • 1) Pin a starting card to your hand. This is so useful for any deck and will be very useful post-game when clearing up trophies. I basically smashed through Challenge mode with a Catula deck and 'Hello Spitty' pinned to my opening hand. 
  • 2) Use cards from all factions. This is a no-brainer anyway, but especially useful for the Lone Wolf trophy and others in the post-game. As you can essentially just fill your hand with mutations from every other deck (for Lone Wolf) and have lots of other cards to play. 


Make a few back-up saves: I would consider making a back-up save at the beginning of Thursday so that you can go back and get one or two trophies that you may have missed. The 'Who's a Good Boy' trophy, for instance, requires you to get a 4/4 Tiny Dog (usually 1/1). This is only possible by using certain stickers in combination with certain game rule changes. Tbf though, you will have 4 playthroughs, so you'll have plenty of chances to get any missing trophies haha. 


Best friends: As mentioned above, you have to play through the game four times. Bit of a bummer and I couldn't find a way to shortcut that, even with save manipulation. You can skip a lot of side quests in future playthroughs though. A speed run will probably only take you about 3 hours. 


Side quests: I can't comment on this trophy too much because I got it on my first playthrough without really trying. The map is super small and it actually tells you where all the quests are, so it's kinda difficult to miss them I'd say. Just make sure to talk to everyone who is highlighted on your screen. I'd avoid doing this trophy on your Challenge playthrough though! 


Hope this helps. Let me know if you get stuck on any particular trophies. Happy to offer some tips! I felt that the green decks in general (cats) were very very powerful compared with the other factions. Catula was ridiculously OP as a common champion, in my opinion. 

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Super helpful, thanks a million! I've seen a few guides for specific trophies (on TrueAchievements I believe) but nothing like a roadmap, so this will definitely help.


For Best Friends, I read it's determined by whose house you visit twice. Is there a way to save prior to visiting someone for the second time, and reload from there?

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14 minutes ago, visighost said:

Super helpful, thanks a million! I've seen a few guides for specific trophies (on TrueAchievements I believe) but nothing like a roadmap, so this will definitely help.


For Best Friends, I read it's determined by whose house you visit twice. Is there a way to save prior to visiting someone for the second time, and reload from there?


I don't think that works for the same reason reloading the game after a loss in Challenge mode doesn't seem to work either. I think they've coded it in somehow.

That said, I admittedly didn't test it out because I didn't want to waste my time if it didn't work haha. Basically, even if it did work, you'd have to do 3-4 partial playthroughs anyway. And you wouldn't know it hadn't worked until right at the end. 



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5 minutes ago, visighost said:

I'll try backing up my save - that would prevent any sort of save coding, I'd assume. Hopefully the second visit is fairly late in the game!


It's a little tricky. So, you only get to choose between two people on each day (rather than all four). And they spread them out, so that even if a manual save worked, you'd need to replay a couple of days I think. I think the options are: 


Monday: Yolanda or Sam 

Tuesday: Cedric or Ashley

Wednesday: Cedric or Sam 

Thursday: Yolanda or Ashley 


I might have a couple the wrong way round, but the way they've done it makes it hard to save a lot of time through save scums. 

3 minutes ago, Helyx said:

@Finch_III Great information here. Do you have any plans to write a guide for the game? https://psnprofiles.com/guides/10097-cardpocalypse


I'm a bit lazy haha! Most of the trophies are explained quite in depth elsewhere on the internet. I started this thread because I couldn't find the info for the 'Gotta Catch More of 'Em Trophy' anywhere online. I'll have a think about it though! 

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