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Problems with the Rivals trophy


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Does anyone know how I can add a friend as a rival to compete in Grid 2? A friend and I are registered as friends in Racenet and we have already played among ourselves for other online trophies, but for the one to play as Rivals I can't find a way to add it as such.


¿Alguien sabe cómo puedo agregar a un amigo como rival para competir en Grid 2? Un amigo y yo estamos registrados en Racenet y ya hemos jugado entre nosotros por otros trofeos en línea, pero para el que juega como Rivals no encuentro la manera de agregarlo como tal.

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I know the answer comes way too late, but make sure you play the online challenges and than search your friend on the leaderboard on the legacy Codemasters website. Click the name and on the next screen you can add him. After becoming friends you can set each other as rivals.

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