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On 6/14/2021 at 5:03 AM, N1NJ4_V4MP1R3 said:

Forgetting about easy platinums for a minute, quality assurance really has gone out the window. I’m all for giving indie developers a platform but this stuff undermines the entire PS Store IMO. It’s already a nightmare to go through sales with the amount of shovelware and it’s getting worse 

Good thing nobody’s forcing you to buy this or even search for this so it shouldn’t affect you. As for the people who don’t mind getting an easy platinum for under $1, congrats to us for yet another one lol. For the ones who want to whine and complain about a game they literally don’t even have to look at, care about, whine about, or even think about; well it looks like you care about it more than you think so the game developers got your attention. Well played. ; )


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