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Can you gift digital games on ps4?


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Hello everyone, my ps4 should arrive tomorrow and I was wondering if you can pass your digital games to friends?, its because me and a friend have a deal that we pass each other our digital games on the ps3 but I was reading on the web and I cant find anything.


PD: Sorry because of my grammar, it's because I'm mexican

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if he means gamesharing then no


PS3 had first 5 ps3's an account could be activated on, then they redused it to 2 consoles sometime in 2011 i think, content purchased digitally before that could still be activated on 5 though (i think)

on PS4 is told me i could only have my account activated on 1 PS4 system at a time, at the moment only owning 1 PS4 im fine with that.

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