Incredibly disappointed... save game corrupted on final World Tour race...

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At first, I didn't give Horizon Chase Turbo a chance. Not my kind of game, I thought. But it kept making those "best racing games for PS4" lists, so I decided to give it a fair go. And it really was game on (pun intended). I always thought to myself: there's going to come a race I won't be able to beat and that's fair enough: at some point the game will beat me and it'll turn into so much frustration that I will give up. Some races are tough, but I made it until the 11th region (Japan?) and thought: "Now I'm going for it!". So I beat Japan. Hawaii, final stop. I jumped straight into the final race, figuring if it is impossible I might as well know now. Didn't win it after a couple of tries, but I felt I could. Eventually. So I played the other races in Hawaii first, beat those. One more remaining. Lost again.


And then it happened. The game crashed.


That's okay, I thought, it has happened a few times before. Just boot this baby right back up and off I go. Except I couldn't. It would crash during the startup loading screen. Again and again. Game over, through no fault of my own. Deleting and re-downloading the game didn't help. Finally, I decided to overwrite my system save game with the one from the PS cloud: a few hours old, will lose some progress, but I'll be damned if I have to start over from scratch. That helped. I did some endurance first, no problem. So today I decided to once and for all tackle Hawaii. It lost all my progress there, so I started with the Final Challenge. And I beat it! Hell yeah! No crashes, nothing. Better safe than sorry, I exited the game, backed up my system storage save game to the cloud first. Now I'd just need to re-win the remaining races I already knew I could win. But no. Once again the game had corrupted my save game and it would crash during the startup loading screen. Having just uploaded the once again corrupted save game, I am now unable to continue playing this game. I was *this* close to the silver & gold trophies for finishing the World Tour tournament 100% and it won't let me. Dozens of hours, the game made me work hard for it and absolutely no payout in the end. It's just a stupid game and it's just a stupid worthless trophy, but damnit, I feel I *earned* it.


I am not impressed. This is the kind of stuff that makes me hate a game I really enjoyed playing. I mean, I could accept if I wasn't good enough... but this sucks.


TL;DR: the game corrupted my save game on the very last race in the World Tour, twice. Lost all my progress. Needed to vent. Makes you ponder what is really important in life 😆

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25 minutes ago, Sifferino said:

Makes you ponder what is really important in life 1f606.png






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