What blood level do you unlock the Torn bookmark add-on?

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Assuming you mean the Torn Bookmark add on for the Nurse? There's no 'guaranteed' level it will spawn in the blood web at, since it's procedurally generated, but I believe you have to be Level 25 minimum for Ultra Rare add-ons and offerings to spawn at all; that said, I found it spawned relatively frequently after I reached that point.


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Hi, I can give you and an advice how to get "From The Void She Kills". This is my comment from the guide's comment section:


The super easy way of obtaining "From The Void She Kills" is to use Torn Bookmark and do absolutely no harm to survivors - don't chase them, just find them and look at them, do some friendly and harmless looking stuff like blinking in circles, etc. Survivors will see that you're not a threat and will allow you doing anything near them. Then you just need to stand behind one of the survivors repairing a generator and just blink 3 times, press R2 and net your trophy. It's really that simple, worked both times when I tried this. So, the funny thing is that the easiest way to obtain one of the hardest trophies in the game is to NOT play the game. 


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