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Felt like I should start a post about the cross-console trophy bugs that I've encountered.


When you play on one console and move over to another console, all your progress is transfered with you (except for stickers, they are reset). However, trophies do not autopop for things you have already completed. The trophies I know for sure are bugged are:

We spared no expense... - Spend 10,000 mojo in the gift machine - This trophy has issues if you already unlocked all rewards from the gift machine on your first console. The only gift machine items available for purchase on the second console will be 48 stickers (for some reason sticker progress does not carry over between the two consoles). This amounts to only 4800 mojo that you can spend in the gift machine.
Time To Start a New Collection/ Skins Enthusiast/ Skins Addict - Unlock 1/10/20 Skins - This trophy has issues if you already unlocked all skins on your first console. There will be no skins available to unlock on your second console.
A Long Road Ahead/ What? Already??? - Reach level 5/100 - Your current level will be carried over to your second console, so you cannot "re-reach" these earlier levels. Edit: You actually can get these trophies... you just have to earn +5 and +100 levels to your current level (so if you're level 100, you'll get the trophies at level 105 and 200).


There may be other trophies that are bugged as well, but these ones for sure are bugged.


Please post on this thread in the Ubisoft forums. The more people that post, the more likely this will be addressed:



This is what I've tried to circumvent progress being loaded over, but none of it worked:

  • Deleting all Just Dance save files on both PS4 and PS5
  • Starting the game on a blank console profile (won't let you play unless you're connected to PSN)
  • Unlinking PSN account from Ubisoft account
  • Creating a brand new Ubisoft account
  • Contact Ubisoft support to reset account (they cannot reset)


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