Easy 200 hit combo - trophy.

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Just incase anyone wants to get this one solo; or is having issues. 


If you load up act 1 of the 'champions of icewind dale' and make your way to the 2nd ballista ( to the left of the oger, 2nd rest point.


You can attack this ballista an unlimited amount; and get the 🏆.


The 2nd set of ballistas near the end of the mission just before the finnal elevator seemed to do the same.



Found this out thanks to gamranx 'falcon' mentioned it in there ' before you buy' as a funny glich/ easy trophy unlock.


(Tested it and it worked )


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15 hours ago, JackTheJubbly- said:

You can also get this trophy on the training targets at base camp 1f44d-1f3fb.png

 How I did it, was quite surprised that it worked in the camp.


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