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What's your favourite smell?


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anal spewage 


This made me laugh so much, i have no idea why, must just be the choice of words haha :giggle:



I love anything Cherry or Coconut-y!


I also love scented candles especially Yankee Candles, at the moment i have a blueberry pie, cherry pie and strawberry shortcake one and oh sweet moses they are good! *drools*

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I really like the smell of new books for some reason, but don't ask me why xD


When it comes to food, I like the smell of bacon, BBQ, lasagna, etc. The list is endless actually. Basically I like the smell of everything that tastes good because it reminds me of its deliciousness :holy:

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A garden of flowers in the morning after rain. First experienced this in the 4th grade when our awesome teacher taught us about water dew. It was awesome having the ex-science lab teacher as a regular teacher! Spent half the day learning science more than anything else! xD

The smell of petrol and the smell of a new game when you take it out of the wrapping I open the case and open the manual love that new game smell :)

Sometimes you just gotta crack open that case and sniff that good smell in xD

and my girlfriends P****.


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