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Well, I guess living in South America has its perks sometimes


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On 14/7/2021 at 7:10 PM, Blackmist_FFXI said:

So if possible.

Changing to S.america servers and running tdm/64 player modes.  Could help a high bot count.  Making the grind Abit easyer as bots seem derpy. 


I'm lucky to get 20 kills in ffa

Unfortunately, you can't choose servers atm I think. This made the 50 kills trophy a breeze, my record is 135 kills lol if it wasn't for this then the plat was a no go for me 

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10 minutes ago, Blackmist_FFXI said:

 Looks like it's an option on PC, but yeah, no go for the PS4 Version, Most ive gotten i think in a 40 player mode was 36 kills and 49 Take downs,

Doesn't help alot of the bots seem to have perfect counter, or just 1tap me lol

You will get it eventually, the messer is by far the best weapon for this trophy. One heavy swing while aiming across the screen and you can get lots of triple kills with bots and injured players 

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