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Hello, I have been playing in MyCareer mode and I am very bad, I can not score almost any basket from afar, I raised my character statistics a bit but I feel that there is no improvement, what am I doing wrong? Any advice you can give me? , some statistics that I can change so that the mode is a little easier for me, the truth is that I think the trophies of triples and punctuation are going to be very complicated

PD: My stats are the closest to Michael Jordan's

PD2: Sorry about my English, it is not my mother tongue


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Your character is not going to play/score much at the beginning as he will be lowly rated.  Just continue to play games and earn VC to boost with your attributes and rating.


Eventually, you will get more playing time and once your character is in the 80’s you should be scoring pretty well.


Make sure you change settings to Rookie (or Pro) - I forget the lowest difficulty for MyCareer.  Also, when you are ready to try for the trophies, bump up quarter length to 12 minutes to make it easier.


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