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On 7/13/2021 at 5:42 PM, MMDE said:

Here's another idea:
it could be counting each time you pass through a torch, but it only triggers the trophy check if it's a new torch, and you need the exact number to pass the check and for the trophy to pop. It would mean anyone who keeps playing won't unlock it, only early on. How far off is he all the torches?


I was tempted to buy this game last time it was on sale, but it had glitched trophies and no plat. :\


^ I guess I was right. ;) 


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Please don't use the disputes to complain about stuff. It's not a place to fight either. When you do things like that, you make it worse, for everyone.


Furthermore, as I said earlier, I knew how to test it properly, and alongside work etc, I was trying to get some help to test it. Test it properly, not what you all did.


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